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At the Early Learning Community, young children encounter a richly stimulating learning environment and nurturing, creative teachers who guide them in their exploration of the world.  The ELC offers active, authentic learning experiences, engaging materials, and beautiful spaces.  Our school culture values the contribution of each individual child to the community, while cultivating a sense of social awareness and belonging for all.   Housed in Berglund Hall at Pacific University, the school serves as an exemplary early childhood teaching and learning environment essential to the teacher preparation programs in the College of Education.  Here, children are immersed in a broad and diverse community of learners - students, faculty, families, and the surrounding community - who share the goal of supporting all aspects of children's development.
We are eager to share our school, and we invite you to explore the information, photos, and resources available on this website.

A new classroom will offer a half-day, morning preschool program for the 2014-2015 school year.  
We are currently enrolling children for this schedule, so submit your reservation soon!