MAT Student Lesson Plans - ECE/Elementary

Designed as "Emergency Lesson Plans" for helping children cope with an emergent crisis.

Imagine that the students in your class have just learned of a traumatic event such as a terrorist attack, the death of someone close, the outbreak of war, or other emotionally and cognitively challenging incidents. The lesson plans below were designed as a starting place to begin to assist students in the process of talking about the events, and coming to grips with their thoughts and feelings. They are not designed to be comprehensive and were not designed by counseling professionals. However they represent a student-centered and measured first step in helping your class cope. We recommend that teachers find or develop one or more 'emergency' lesson plans including the attendant books, and materials that you store somewhere in your classroom.

We hope you will never have to use them.

Lesson Plan for a Time of Grief or Crisis: A Tool Box to Have on Hand.
Primary - grade 6

When Bad Things Happen.
Grades K-2

How to Help Children Cope With Death.
Grades 3-5

In a Time of Crisis.
Grades 1-5

Addressing Stressful or Traumatic Events Such as the Sept. 11, 2001 Attack
Grade 4/5

(More lesson plans will be added as students submit them)

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