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Sifteo Cubes
This is a truly new type of technology that is innovative in a number of ways. These are interactive cubes that communicate wirelessly and respond to each other and to your gestures. The original version required connection to a computer, the newest version runs independent of computer, allowing individuals to use the software games, puzzles, and innovative musical compositional applications they can download. They recognize the presence of adjacent cubes and respond in ways determined by the software of each specific program. Described as "intelligent Play", a user needs at least 3 and up to 6 cubes for each game. One classic classroom application puts a letter on each cube and then you try and combine them into as many words as you can. As each word is formed by sliding the cubes adjacent to each other, the cubes respond with a chime to indicate that a word has been formed. This can be timed and competitive, or not. There are applications that provide each side of a cube with patterns and sounds so that when the cubes are placed next to each other a sequenced set of the sounds and rhythms and loops play through the computer's audio interface. The company markets each new game from its website, and most of them are games with limited inherent educational value. However the music, and problem solving and word-play tools are compelling. It is an exciting new platform with an innovative interface, and I look forward to what more they might bring forward. Below you will find two videos of students using these cubes with different applications.
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