And Justice For All:
Using Primary Source Materials to Bring a Social Justice Perspective in Your Classroom.
Links to History Resources and Digital Primary Source Materials

This lists below represents a small but carefully considered list of links to materials useful in the construction of understanding of history, many that provide resources on traditionally marginalized groups or individuals. This compilation includes audio, video, document, images and other resources that can be very useful in developing a multimedia reflection on or analysis of a segment of history. The next page describes a technique for presenting a perspective on history, digital learning stories.

A Document History of Social Justice -
Civil Rights Documentation Project -
Civial rights digital Library -
Digital Library of Georgia, Freedom Riders -
Indigenous People's Literature -
National Museum of the American Indian -
Museum of Tolerance -
Images of African Americans from the 19th century -
USC Primary Source Database for African American Studies:
Internet Archives, (all manner of resources)-
Repositories of Primary Sources -
Valley of the Shadows, Civil War -
Library of Congress Resources -
National Archives -
Digital Public Library -
American Memories -
American Treasures of the Library of Congress -
Letters from America's Wars -
Our Documents -
World Digital Library -
Critical Past videos and photos -
911 Digital Archive -
National Park Service: Treasures of our Nation -
National Digital Library -
Berkeley Digital Library -
Duke University Special Digital Collections -
Avalon Project: law, history, and diplomacy -
Today in History -
History Matters: a Survey Course -
Chronology of American Historical Documents -
US Patent Office -
Making of America -
From Revolution to Reconstruction: primary source documents -
Holocaust Photos -
Archiving Early America -
Primary Sources of Popular Culture -
Martin Luther King Archive -
The Sixties Project: Archives:
Historical Advertisements -
Minnesota Historical Society, Visual Resources Database -
NARA The Digital Classroom -
NASA Educator Resource Center -
Native American Women -
National Geographic -
Panoramic Photographs -
Moving Images and Sound Recordings -
Letters Written by the Pilgrims -
World Wide Web Virtual Library -
EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History -
Online Gallery of Great Books -
French National Digital Library -
Repositories of Primary Sources -
1940s Dr. Seuss Political Cartoon Library -

Virtual Tours
American Museum of Natural History -
Ellis Island, NY 1900-1920 Photographic Exhibit -
Holocaust Museum Tour -
Metropolitan Museum of Art -
National Museum of Women's History -
National Museum of Women in the Arts -
Smithsonian - The World's Largest Museum -
U.C. Berkeley Museum of Paleontology -
Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library -
Virtual Egyptian Museum -
Global Egyptian Museum -
Virtual Tour of Knossos -
Virtual field trip links:
World Art Treasures -

Interesting Historical Resources
100 Milestone Documents Throughout our History -
1676 Bacon's Rebellion -
1776 Thomas Paine: "Common Sense" -
1823 Monroe Doctrine -
1847 Dred Scott Decision -
1849 Henry David Thoreau - "Civil Disobedience" -
1852 Fredrick Douglas: "The meaning of the 4th of July for the Negro" -
1861 The Morrill Tariff -
1870 Voting Rights (15th) Amendment -
1893 Sherman Anti Trust Act -
1914 Joe Hill, labor activist -
1917 American Protective League -
1900s Eugene Debs, Socialist -
1914 Ludlow Massacre -
1920 Sacco and Vanzetti, anarchists -
1922 The Bonus Army and "battle of Washington" -
1929 The Great Depression -
1938 Langston Hughes; "Let American be America Again -
1945 The Decision to drop the Atomic Bomb -
1954 Brown vs. Board of Education -
1955 Civil Rights Movement -
1960 The Culture of the 60s -
1965 Voting Rights Act -
1968 Vietnam War -
1971 The Pentagon Papers -
1972 Watergate -
1973 Webquest on Wounded Knee -
2006 Wiki Leaks -

Mark Bailey's Home -
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