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EDUC 625 Professional Portfolio Development

Dr. Mike Charles

EDUC 625 is designed to support advanced program candidates in the development of a professional portfolio. Course content will focus on selection of sources of evidence to include, articulation of written commentaries for each piece of evidence, and creation of an electronic portfolio that address the advanced competencies for the continuing teaching license (CTL).

Professional portfolio

Welcome to the homepage for our course. Below are some web-based resources and assignments:

General Course resources
Note:  A PDF reader (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader or, for Macs only, Apple Preview) is needed to open/read/print all PDF documents--most computers have that software pre-installed but click below if you cannot open the PDF files.
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What is a professional portfolio?
  • A factual description of a teacher’s work supporting student learning demonstrated by relevant data and analyzed by the teacher to show the thinking process behind the artifacts. 
    • Most portfolios are NOT collections of everything that the teacher has done in the way of teaching over his or her entire career. Rather they are selected samples that illustrate how that individual's teaching is carried out in the various venues in which teaching occurs.
      (edited from http://www.utexas.edu/academic/cte/teachfolio.html )
  • The professional portfolio is a vehicle for collecting and presenting evidence of growth and achievement over time. (from http://teacher.scholastic.com/professional/futureteachers/professional_port.htm )
  • A professional teaching portfolio is an organized collection that showcases a professional teacher’s mastery, through documented evidence of their growth and achievement over an extended period of time.  The documentation should include but not be limited to student work samples that are criteria based, personal self-reflection, and observations by respected professionals and colleagues. 

Website building resources
  • The webpage tips developed specifically for this class:
Sample professional portfolios...

...from other sources
The Consortium of Outstanding Teaching using Technology (COATT) recognizes preservice and practicing educators in Michigan who have prepared a digital portfolio that demonstrates their ability to use technology as an effective teaching and learning tool.

...from our students
  • Jennifer Koss, Byrom Elementary School, Tigard-Tualatin School District (AOL website removed)
Other resources

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